Dr. Sid Freedman Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Sid Freedman, Psychologist, takes the time to ensure his patients are well-informed about what to expect during their psychological assessments. Please find the answers to our frequently asked questions on this page. Should you not find the answer to your specific question listed, please contact our London office.

Q. What therapeutic approaches does Dr. Freedman use?

A. For over 25 years, Dr. Freedman has found clinical hypnosis to be the fastest and most effective way to help patients cope with problems. As a clinical psychologist, he has the training and experience to suggest a number of therapies, depending on the patient's wishes.

Q. What is hypnosis?

A. Hypnosis is a very relaxing state in which individuals are amenable to suggestions that are consistent with their beliefs and expectations. Dr. Freedman may provide suggestions to enable a change that patients have talked about, such as feeling healthier once they have quit smoking or they have lost weight, or patients may discover their own suggestions for change under hypnosis.

Q. Does everyone have to experience hypnosis during an appointment with Dr. Freedman?

A. No. Once Dr. Freedman has explained what hypnosis is and has answered any questions you may have about it, patients can decide whether they wish to participate using that therapeutic approach. If not, other approaches are discussed and patients can make whatever decisions are best for them.

Q. Will I talk during hypnosis or share personal information?

A. Typically, Dr. Freedman does all the talking during hypnosis, but he encourages patients to share whatever information they wish to disclose after they are no longer in trance. At all times, the patient is in control.

Q. Will medication be prescribed during my appointment?

A. No. Psychologists are not licensed to prescribe medications. Many of Dr. Freedman’s patients are taking medication that their physicians have prescribed and this does not negatively affect the success of any form of therapy. If patients have questions about medications, they are asked to discuss them with their physician or pharmacist.

Q. How many sessions are required?

A. This will depend upon the patient’s specific problems, their history and whether there are multiple issues with which the patient would like to cope. It is possible to work on more than one issue at the same time.

Q. If a problem concerns more than one family member, such as smoking cessation, do you charge for each person?

A. No. The fee is for each session, and it may be helpful to include both partners if they have the same problem they would like to change.

Q. Do you offer direct billing to extended healthcare plans?

A. Some healthcare plans allow us to bill them directly, such as Green Shield Canada and Blue Cross® Canada, while others may or may not allow direct billing. Dr. Freedman provides receipts for each session, and patients can submit them to their plan for reimbursement. If funding is provided by automobile insurance or Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), we are able to bill those agencies directly.

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